BFM Business - Interview with Olivier Menut

This Saturday, April 13, Olivier Menut, President and Co-Founder of OSO-AI being present in the BFM Business Health Check up to present the Augmented Ear for caregivers.

The OSO-AI service consists of a white box, plugged into an outlet in the residents' rooms. Capable of identifying abnormal noises by an artificial intelligence system, it alerts caregivers instantly via a smartphone provided when needed.

This innovative service is a major advance in supporting medical and social institutions for better care of residents. Indeed, it meets a crucial need, because around 75% of them no longer have the cognitive abilities necessary to effectively use the systems of traditional Sick call.

Innovation is based on the fundamental principle that, just by listening and closing our eyes, we are able to finely discern what is happening in our environment. This ability allows us to accurately determine whether an intervention is required or not.

Since its beginnings in 2019, OSO-AI has been able to build a massive and unparalleled database, encompassing more than 150 sound classes in the medical-social field. This wealth of data allows in-depth analysis and effective alerting of caregivers. Wandering, respiratory distress, crying, drumming, falls... this complete and highly reliable system, which detects more than 98% of falls.

AI provides doctors and caregivers with additional data, increasing the safety of residents, supporting them in their care and guaranteeing optimal follow-up ... Another significant advantage of Augmented Ear is the improvement of the Quality of Work Life for caregivers. By allowing them to adjust their care methods, it reduces the need for systematic rounds, thus offering more quality time with residents. The positive feedback from health professionals is a source of motivation for the whole team, and L'Ear Aughas even become a Recruiting argument convincing for healthcare institutions.

Based in Brest, the company now has around fifty employees and has raised 14 million euros in funding, with 3 investment funds: Invacom, Cemag Invest and the Brittany Region, which for the latter is present in the company's capital.

Unique solution in the world, and many times rewarded, the company's growth is now strong, with customers who are very satisfied with the product, and who for many today would find it difficult to do without it.

Nursing homes, MAS, FAM, Foster homes... OSO-AI now equips more than 2,000 rooms in France, and has recently begun to internationalize in Europe and Asia.

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