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Simon UZAN
Nurse coordinator
The people we support are not able to use doorbells, so the fact that they can call us by voice creates a safety net and greater autonomy.
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Lou Perset
Psychomotrician MAS PHOENIX UGECAM - Paris
“Having a device that supports us in our practice, will help us in our quality of life at work, will take some weight off us.”
Surgeon and Chairman of Oso-AI's Scientific Committee
“Finally, without intrusion, we are able to better understand the reality of a person's life at night, especially when they are alone.”
“I was preparing for the treatments, I got an alert on the phone, which I listened to. It was a noise that I didn't quite understand, I went to the room and we found a resident covered in vomit.”
Caregivers - MAS PHOENIX UGECAM - Paris
“The fact that they can actually call us by voice creates a kind of safety net and greater autonomy, an absence of fear, I think.”
Nathalie SALLES
Chairwoman of the SFGG and member of Oso-AI's Scientific Committee
“This system is the first step in a change in approach to the organization of care and the nursing profession.”
Night Care Assistant and Occupational Therapist
“Since OSO was implemented, it has provided invaluable support in our work, serving as a complementary aid and facilitating a deeper understanding of our residents.”
Director of the Brest University Hospital (Brittany - France)
“We can see that it is a company that listens to the needs of its users, and in my opinion, that is why it will go far.”
Françoise Duquesne
Geriatrician at the Brest University Hospital (Brittany - France)
“It's amazing: fewer breakdowns, more safety for residents, but also more safety for caregivers, because they know they'll be alerted if anything happens.”
Patrick ROHOU
Director of Medical-Social Health Establishments - VYV Group
” It was very easy to work with the OSO team who adapted, we really felt a dynamism and a desire to adapt, to answer all the questions and the needs of the institutions at the same time to reassure users, families and also employees.”
Françoise DUPRAT
Director of the Brest-Iroise Technopole (Brittany - France)
“They also give back to the territory what the territory gave them somewhere. They invest in other entrepreneurs, they really want to contribute to a more global and collective momentum around the company.”