Cookies policy

On-site cookie management policy 

In the context of the use of the site (hereinafter the” Site ”), OSO-AI is required to process your Personal Data, in its capacity as data controller, by means of cookies placed on the computer terminal of the visitor to the Site (hereinafter the” User ”) which are in particular intended for the proper functioning of the Site.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that are placed on the User's computer terminal as part of their use of the Site, regardless of the type of terminal used such as a computer, a tablet, or a Smartphone.
The use of these cookies does not involve any danger for the User's computer terminal.
In application of article 82 of the Data Protection Act, OSO-AI is required to inform the User clearly and completely about the methods of using cookies and, with some exceptions, to obtain the User's consent prior to the deposit of cookies.

Information and consent to the deposit of cookies

In the context of the deposit of cookies strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Site, the User is informed of the purpose pursued by OSO-AI, of the indispensable nature of these cookies and of the consequences in the event of opposition on its part.
When the consent of the Site User is necessary for OSO-AI to be able to deposit cookies, the User's consent must be expressed by a positive act in a free, specific, informed and unequivocal manner.
The User's consent is thus expressed when the User clicks on the “ACCEPT” tab after having read the information notice specifying the purpose of these cookies.
If the User refuses optional cookies, he can freely click on “Continue without accepting”. In this case, if the User does not express his consent, no optional cookie is placed or cannot be read on the User's computer terminal.
In the event that OSO-AI defines a new purpose for using cookies, the User's consent must be expressed again.
L’Utilisateur est également libre de retirer son consentement à l’utilisation de cookies par OSO-AI à tout moment directement, soit à partir des paramètres de son navigateur, en suivant les instructions prévues à cet effet, ou directement depuis le gestionnaire de cookies d’OSO-AI accessible en cliquant sur : Gérer les cookies. Le retrait du consentement peut être effectué aussi simplement que sa manifestation par l’Utilisateur.
The cookie banner that appears during the first connection to the Site therefore makes it possible to inform the User prior to the deposit of cookies of the purposes of these files, of the right to accept or refuse the deposit of cookies and of the possibility of consulting this cookie management policy.
Thanks to this banner, the visitor actually has the possibility to:
  • to accept the deposit of all cookies;
  • to oppose the deposit of cookies, with the exception of cookies that are strictly necessary;
  • to configure cookies according to your preferences.

The types of cookies used by OSO-AI

The types of cookies used by OSO-AI are:
  • Technical cookies (so-called “strictly necessary” cookies): These are cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Site, essential for browsing the Site and using the basic functionalities requested. If the User blocks these cookies by configuring their browser, OSO-AI would no longer be in a position to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and guarantee the User an optimal functioning of the Site.
  • Functional cookies (including cookies for audience measurement and optimization of the User experience): These are cookies that are mainly used to compile mass statistics to improve the quality of the presentation of information on the Site or the ergonomics of the services offered by OSO-AI. These cookies also help OSO-AI perform certain features such as sharing Site content, collecting feedback, and other third party features. These cookies require the consent of the User.
  • Advertising and marketing cookies : these cookies and tracers make it possible to improve and personalize the display of the content of the Site, as well as the communications sent to Users according to their navigation. These include cookies that are used to provide Users with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. These cookies track Users across websites and collect information to provide personalized ads. These cookies require the consent of the User.
Thus, the various cookies used by OSO-AI on the Site are listed in the table below:
Technical cookiesAre essential to navigate the site.
Functional cookies (audience measurements and user experience optimization)They allow OSO-AI to recognize you when you return to use our Services and to offer you content adapted to your preferences (language, display, etc.). These cookies also provide statistical data on the attendance and use of our Services. This information allows us to understand your journey on the Site, your interactions with our services and to improve them accordingly.
Advertising and marketing cookies These cookies allow OSO-AI to keep records of Users' visits to the Site, the pages viewed and the links on which the User clicked in order to display ads that are relevant and adapted to their interests.

Duration of cookies

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL in terms of the retention period of cookies, the retention period of the consent (or refusal) expressed by the User is six (6) months from the insertion of the corresponding cookie.
In addition, in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, the lifespan of cookies and trackers is limited to a maximum of thirteen (13) months, it being specified that the information collected through these cookies and tracers is kept for a maximum period of twenty-five (25) months.
As part of the use of the Site, the cookies placed by OSO-AI have a duration of:
Technical cookiesUp to 13 months
Functional cookiesUp to 13 months
Advertising and marketing cookiesUp to 13 months
At the end of this period, the User will be invited to express their consent again if they accept the use of optional cookies placed for marketing and advertising purposes.

Setting the cookies collected by OSO-AI

The User has the possibility to block the use of cookies or to go back on his configuration choices.
Une icône permettant de « gérer les cookies » est accessible tout au long de la navigation de l’Utilisateur sur le Site et accessible en cliquant ici : Gérer les cookies.
This icon also allows the visitor to withdraw their consent, at any time during browsing, to the deposit of cookies.
The User can also receive a notification before the installation of a new cookie by modifying the settings of their Internet browser.
The “Help” section or the “Privacy” section located in the settings of most Internet browsers explains how to prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, how to tell the User's browser to notify him when he receives a new cookie and how to deactivate all cookies.

Update of the cookie management policy

OSO-AI may change this cookie management policy from time to time.
When OSO-AI makes substantial changes to this Policy, the User will be informed in a clear and easily accessible manner, for example by inserting an information message on the Site.
For any further information, the User may contact the OSO-AI Data Protection Officer at any time at