Empowering Caregivers with The Augmented Ear

Our revolutionary technology utilizes automatic sound analysis to enable remote monitoring of vulnerable individuals. With the assurance that caregivers and families will be promptly alerted in case of emergencies, The Augmented Ear provides invaluable peace of mind.

Additionally, our solution facilitates long-term activity monitoring, allowing for early detection and prevention of potential deterioration in a person's condition.

Effectively alert caregivers

When a critical event is detected (such as a fall, call for help, or distressing sound), our system swiftly notifies a designated caregiver via their mobile phone. This prompt alert empowers the caregiver to remotely assess the nature and urgency of the situation, ensuring timely and appropriate assistance.

Proactive Complication Prevention

Detecting Changes in Habits: Early Warning Signs Continuous activity monitoring enables us to identify shifts in behavior that may signal changes in health status.

Any abnormal change can be an early sign of deterioration of the state of health, for example :a cough that sets in, less socialization, less frequent movements, a television at higher volume, more visits to the toilet...

By analyzing activity patterns over weeks, our system automatically detects these shifts, allowing caregivers, doctors, and families to intervene promptly and appropriately.

Relieve caregivers and families

Unburdening Caregivers :
Our monitoring service alleviates the mental strain of continuous vigilance, allowing caregivers to refocus on their roles and effectively manage their time. With our system in place, the need for exhaustive rounds becomes obsolete.

Providing Peace of Mind for Families :
Our solution ensures that loved ones are constantly safeguarded, whether they're at home or in a care facility, offering families reassurance and relief.


Unlocking the Advantages of Our Technology


The device is securely affixed to the wall, maintaining a discreet presence. There's no need to carry any stigmatizing objects, and most importantly, no risk of leaving it behind on the bedside table when getting up.

Straightforward Installation

All that's required is a power outlet and access to a WiFi network. Installation is a breeze, taking just 3 minutes. Moreover there's no need for battery replacements or recharging.

360-Degree Coverage

Our system broadcasts sound, allowing detection of incidents like a fall in the bathroom from elsewhere, unlike cameras. With just a few sensors, the entire home can be covered.