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Only 15% of medico-social residents can use call systems. The Augmented Ear of Caregivers is useful to all and revolutionizes care practices.

L'Oreille Augmentée des Soignants est utile à tous et révolutionne les pratiques de soins.

Fall detection
Call detection
Scream detection
Our solution is revolutionizing the day-to-day life of medical and social care institutions and reducing professional stress. By removing the requirement for systematic rounds, it allows healthcare professionals to refocus on their core job: take care.

The Augmented Ear represents a major technological advance in healthcare, delivering notable advantages: optimization of working time, improved quality of care, greater safety for residents, positive impacts on human resources and working conditions for caregivers. Its adoption paves the way for a future in which technology and healthcare come together for exceptional results.

Ready to put the Quality of Life at Work (QWL) at the heart of your care practices?Contact us now to find out more about this revolutionary technology.

They trust
The Augmented Ear of Caregivers

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Yves & Josette GUIGNARD
Residents at Kerloudan - VYV Group
“Another resident told me two days ago, I fell, I screamed for help and immediately there was a responder.” “It is a security for the residents and for the family. This device is a great moral support, it relieves their concerns.”
When residents talk about it...
Surgeon and Chairman of Oso-AI's Scientific Committee
“Finally, without intrusion, we are able to better understand the reality of a person's life at night, especially when they are alone.”
The positive impact of the Caregivers' Augmented Ear on residents' sleep
Lou Perset
Psychomotrician MAS PHOENIX UGECAM - Paris
“Having a device that supports us in our practice, will help us in our quality of life at work, will take some weight off us.”
A Better Quality of Life at Work for Caregivers
OSO-AI winner of several awards

More safety for residents
More peace of mind for caregivers