OSO-AI rewarded with several awards

OSO-AI has distinguished itself by winning several significant awards for the Augmented Ear of caregivers in various competitions and calls for projects with major players in the e-health sector. These awards reflect the company's ongoing commitment to Aging well and the improvement of quality of life at work for caregivers.They also reinforce the trust of its customers and partners in the ability of Augmented Ear caregivers to provide a unique solution, based on Analysis of the sound environment, and revolutionizing healthcare practices.
SFGG logo | French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology

First Prize for Digital Innovation from the SFGG

The Augmented Ear for caregivers receives the first prize for Digital Innovation from the French Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology.

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Med4Age logo | Call for projects in the field of health and aging well.

AI for aging well: OSO-AI wins the Med4Age Prize!

Med4Age: an Award to strengthen innovation in health and aging

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Charles Foix Innovation Grant logo | Silver Valley prize

OSO-AI wins the 1st prize of the Charles Foix Bourse

The Charles Foix Grant for innovation aims to encourage and support the development of new solutions to improve the quality of life and independence of active or retired seniors, and/or their caregivers.

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e-Health Trophies logo

OSO wins three awards at the e-Health Trophies

The Augmented Ear for Caregivers won the award in its “Autonomy and Well-being” category, as well as two special prizes: the Business Model Prize and the prestigious Grand Jury Prize.

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INNO Digital Experimentation logo

The Brittany Region supports OSO-AI with its INNO Digital Expé system

OSO-AI benefits from the support of the Brittany Region to deploy the Augmented Ear of caregivers with the INNO Digital Expé device. This system helps Breton SMEs to deploy their innovative digital solution on a new market.

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France 2030 logo | French government investment plan

Brest's University Hospital is the winner of the government's "Third-party experimentation sites" call for projects. OSO-AI is a project partner!

The W.INN, the innovation center of the CHRU of Brest, is one of the ten winners of the national call for projects “Third places for experimentation with digital health”. OSO-AI is a partner of the CHRU on this project. Our objective is to demonstrate and measure the benefits, for teams and persons supported, of the 24-hour use of the Augmented Ear by caregivers.

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ANS logo | French Government Digital Health Agency

OSO-AI wins the Structures 3.0 call for projects with the Pôle Saint-Hélier

This year, the Structures 3.0 call for projects, from the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS), aimed at bring out innovative digital solutions facilitating the practices of professionals for improving working conditions. OSO-AI and The Saint-Helier Pole, are among the eight winners, and aim to Show that Augmented Ear saves one hour of work time per night to caregivers equipped with our solutions.

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Soulager les soignants et les familles

Thanks to the monitoring carried out by our service, caregivers are freed from mental load associated with continuous monitoring. They can focus on their job again and better manage their time. Systematic rounds are no longer necessary.

Families are relieved to know that their loved one is always safe, at home or in an institution.

The benefits of our technology


The device is fixed to the wall and remains discreet. No stigmatizing object to be carried with you. And especially no risk of having left it on the bedside table when getting up.

Simple to install

All you need is a power outlet and a WiFi network, theInstallation takes 3 minutes. No batteries to change or recharge


The sound is broadcast, and a fall in the bathroom can for example be detected from the bedroom, unlike cameras. A few sensors are enough to cover the surface of a home.